Does Kymaro Body Shaper Drop 3 Dress Sizes?

Does Kymaro Body Shaper Drop 3 Dress Sizes?

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In this article we briefly look at the Kymaro Body Shaper, an undergarment that, as its name suggests, was designed to assist users with reshaping their body instantly; all they have to do is put it on. The first thing we noticed is much confusion about the name. Some common misspellings are Kymora body shaper, Kimoro body shaper, Kymara body shaper.

The correct name is Kymaro Body Shaper as seen on TV infomercials. They show before and after shots of several women trying on the undergarment with good results. Assuming we can believe our own eyes, some results are quite dramatic. The infomercial claims that the wearer can reduce up to 3 dress sizes as soon as it is worn. This claim is easily proven with a simple waistline measurement. This body shaper does not promise to make you look like your favorite supermodel, but it does reshape as promised.

Body Shaper Reviews and Other Benefits Reported By Users:

  • Support for your back which improves posture and overall body shape.
  • Body shaper is totally discreet under clothing.
  • You feel more energetic and less fatigued at the end of the day.
  • Lifts and reshapes the buttocks, helps thin your thighs and hips.
  • Doesn’t bunch up and can be worn comfortably with any clothing.
  • Comes with a 100 % money back guarantee.
  • Can be worn with your own bra and low back, strapless and spaghetti strap fashions.

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The next issue addressed in the infomercial is about comfort. Can an undergarment work this good and still be comfortable to wear all day. This is a big concern for many women who have tried other products and found them to be stiff, hot, and generally uncomfortable. Since Kymaro body shaper is made from super smooth and breathable fabric, it does not make the wearer feel constricted, out of breath, or overheated in any way -- even if it is worn all day.

The video below is one of the infomercials for the body shaper seen on TV.

For many women if a body shaping product will do what it says, they don’t mind if it is uncomfortable. In this case with Kymaro Body Shaper, they actually get both -- comfort and a better shape. This product offers a convenient and inexpensive way to hide rolls of fat on your tummy, love handles, or any unsightly bulges with very acceptable results.

Important Considerations Before Purchasing

Kymaro Body shaper is designed to be worn as an undergarment and consists of a top and a short.

Some issues reported by people who purchased the body shaper are those that result from a mismatch in their sizing or from not reading and following the product care instructions.  The Body Shaper is based on your bra size and looks like a fitted tank top without the front panel.

If you are not sure about your measurements for a body shaper, you might want to go to a quality lingerie shop like Lady Grace, so that a trained (and sensitive) professional can take your measurements and give you a true sense of what size body shaper would be right for you.

The manufacturer says to soak the Kymaro Body Shaper in cold water prior to wearing to make it more pliable and easier to wear.

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