Reviews On Ab Coaster

Reviews On Ab Coaster

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If you watch any late night TV, I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercials for the Ab Coaster. As usual the infomercial is filled with very fit people showing their abs and using the Ad Coaster. The obvious implication is that if you use this product you can look like them. This article is intended to give honest reviews on Ab Coaster , so you can decide for yourself.

How To Use Ab Coaster

The Ab Coaster is a new abdominal exercise machine designed for the home. This unit is a little different than most hanging abdominal machines – you rest your knees on a contoured knee pad while resting your upper body on arm and elbow pads holding two handles. ┬áThen while keeping the upper body stationary you move the lower body up and down on a steel arc by contracting the abs.

The main advantage of this machine is that it really focuses the crunch movement on your abs while keeping out any cheating movements. The product is very easy to use and doesn’t cause back or neck pain. Most hanging leg machines are very uncomfortable and exhaust the upper body before the abs get a workout. The Ab Coaster solves this problem.

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Does Ab Coaster Work?

This device is designed for one thing – to strengthen the abdominals. In the fitness world most will tell you that doing leg raises is one of the best exercises for targeting this muscle group. So if you really want to strengthen your abs and increase your athletic performance, this machine will get the desired results.

If you are looking to buy Ab Coaster just to reduce belly fat, then this machine alone will not accomplish that goal. Any form of muscle building (abs included) is a great way to burn more calories – both while you’re doing the exercise and while you rest. Bigger muscles do burn more calories while you rest, however you must also include some kind of diet to speed up results around your waistline. Ab Coaster comes with a meal plan, an exercise plan, & a DVD to explain everything.


  • Target your upper abs, lower abs and side obliques
  • Heavy-duty, all-steel frame supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Front roller wheels for easy transport
  • Two 10 lb weights to add up to 20 lbs. of resistance
  • Digital workout counter
  • Vinyl-covered molded foam pads
  • Multi-angle adjustable seat lets you target your obliques
  • Ab Coaster includes manual, workout and meal plan and DVD
  • Ab Coaster is designed for height 4’10” to 6″10″ with no adjustments

Bottom Line – most Reviews on Ab Coaster are positive. People enjoy working with this machine and it does work the abs. It is also reported to be a well built machine which is sturdy and should last for a long time. This is one important point I look for in home exercise equipment and what I like about The Ab Coaster.

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