Yoshiblade – Does It Work?

Yoshiblade – Does It Work?


As with most products reviewed on this website, the Yoshiblade ceramic knife is sold on TV infomercials. Since many people do not trust some TV advertising, we want to help uncover any issues. This Yoshiblade review will help you answer the main question – does Yoshi blade work?

Why ceramic? It is generally accepted in the cooking world that ceramic knives have a sharper edge than steel knives.  The ceramic blade is made from strong Zirconium Oxide which is why this blade stays sharp longer than steel. The blade will not break easily, however this does not mean they can’t break if you drop it wrong on the floor. But if they do happen break, Yoshiblade is guaranteed for life.

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So is Yoshiblade a miracle knife? No, but the sharp edge does seem to be comparable to more expensive steel knife sets, so it certainly can make life easier in the kitchen.  The blade’s extreme edge means you don’t have to apply as much pressure to make it work. The hard rubber handle of the Yoshi blade was surprisingly comfortable in the full grip considering the main sales pitch is the sharp blade.

Yoshi blade

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We followed several people who tested this knife set for themselves slicing apples, chopping carrots, peeling potatoes, slicing bread, cutting meat, etc. Everyone said it does seem to perform as seen on TV. As for the build and quality, it was very good for a 20$ knife. The overall impression about the knife quality and performance was positive . No big defects were reported.

There are a few things you should know before you buy:

  • Not recommended for the dishwasher.
  • Not recommended to cut frozen foods or cheese.
  • Not recommended to cut bones.

Bottom Line Yoshiblade Review: The Yoshi blade is a good ceramic knife and performs well for the price. The main reason we give them a good rating is the value and performance that is comparable to higher priced steel knives.

For $19.99 plus s/h you get two peelers and two knives.

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  • Blade – 118.00mm(4.65″)
  • Thickness – 1.78mm
  • Width – 33.89mm
  • Handle – Rubber
  • Weight – 97.40g(3.29oz)